VARIETY SERIES 13 episodes x 22 minutes



PULSE is a 13-part variety series that captures the unbreakable relationship between Canada’s Indigenous peoples and the art of dance. The series dives deep into Indigenous peoples’ passion for dancing. We will see that Indigenous dancers are revolutionizing the art of movement across traditions and dance styles. With stunning visuals, captivating characters, unique stories, and breathtaking performances, PULSE is a variety series like none other. Each dancer has a journey. Each dance conveys emotion. Combined they hold the power to unite and to heal. We are all connected to the rhythm. Every heart has a beat. Every beat has a heart. We can all feel it within us... The Pulse.

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  • Language: English and Dene
  • Directors & Writers: Courtney Montour, Sara Ben Saud, Abraham Côté, Roxann Whitebean and Jason Brennan
  • TV Broadcaster: APTN
  • Year of production: 2021
  • Premiere: 2022

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